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Calm the Waves

Life has a way of throwing unexpected obstacles in our path. Sometimes we just don’t know which way to turn. It may be one event, or multiple events, which have led you to feel as though you are constantly battling against the waves of life.You may be struggling to talk to others about how you truly feel, your felt sense may be that they won’t understand. Your thoughts may be overwhelming, or perhaps they are intruding more and more into your daily life. You may want to explore your early years and how these experiences may have impacted you in the here and now. You may wish to understand how you relate to others in relationships or friendships.

Navigating Turbulent Waters, Finding Inner Peace

Perhaps the ways in which you survived before, aren’t working as well as they did. Through therapy, we can explore ways to manage these thoughts, feelings and emotions and consider what you need now.

Starting a journey of self-discovery takes courage. Together, we will work at a pace that feels right for you, to allow yourself the time and space to reflect and reconnect and help you move forward in your life.

This is your unique journey and we will explore it with empathy and curiosity whilst helping bring awareness and understanding of behaviours and patterns. Exploring how and why you experience different feelings, we can uncover new ways for you to approach life’s challenges and find a sense of calm amidst the waves

About me

Welcome, my name is Karen Ludkin and I am an integrative counsellor, based in the Bournemouth area.

What this means to you, is that I will tailor my approach according to your needs and what may work for you. I will draw on a range of theories and interventions to help you understand, process, and reflect on life events.

I am trained to work with both adults and children (11yrs plus). I can work on a short or long term basis. My main areas of work have been predominantly with complex trauma; working with adults who have survived childhood abuse; looked after children; adopted children and adoptive parents.

Thank you for considering me as your therapist!