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Parent and Carer

Being an adoptive parent, foster carer, kinship carer or special guardian is a really rewarding role. Parenting a child that has experienced significant trauma however can also bring considerable challenges on a daily basis and can become extremely isolating. The parent/ carer workshops are designed to help caregivers gain invaluable insight and to form a deeper understanding of how trauma works and presents. Workshops are personalised and tailored to individual needs with sessions focusing on the child’s presenting behaviour whilst reflecting on what this may be telling us, in terms of their underlying unmet need and with the child being looked at from a place of, `what happened to you’ as opposed to `what is wrong with you’.

Understanding Childhood Trauma: Integrative Approaches for Healing

Workshops include looking at the effects of trauma on a child’s body and mind whilst looking at survival instincts and how trauma shapes how the child survives in the here and now. We will look at integrating a way of being through using Dan Hughes’ DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) based work and utilise a PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy) approach to help promote and facilitate change. Using the work of Bruce Perry to focus on the bottom brain up approach to meet the child’s unmet needs, linking in attachment theories and neuroscience research and how these unmet needs may look on a day to day basis.  

Therapy Offered
Therapy Offered
Therapy Offered

Nurturing Through Understanding: Exploring Therapeutic Parenting

Real life examples and daily realities will be woven throughout so that there is a deeper understanding of why the child needs a therapeutic parenting approach, which embeds safety, security and stabilisation, in contrast to a traditional parenting style. Workshops will also look at increasing the parent/ carer’s own self-awareness and reflective skills, whilst helping them to consider and deepen understanding of their own attachment style needs and triggers. Reflection space can also be provided for the parent/ carer to share their journey and experiences within a safe environment. This can be invaluable in terms of support and connecting with others on a similar journey. This in turn can lead to deeper exploration within their own process and responses.

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