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How I work as a therapist

I am a fully qualified integrative therapist. I have experience of supporting adults and children to understand and explore a variety of issues including; developmental trauma, neglect, anxiety, loss, bereavement, relationship concerns, self-harm, self-esteem, stress, sexuality, race, work related issues, managing anger, as well as emotional, physical and sexual abuse. I am also very passionate about working with children in care, foster carers, parents who have adopted, and also children or adults who are adopted. I have undertaken additional specialised training in order to provide this therapy work. I have worked with adoption and fostering agencies, providing: individual and parent therapy; reflective practice; as well as facilitating foster carer group sessions.

When words are hard to find, we may work creatively

Being an integrative therapist means that I bring in various different theories and approaches to my work. This allows me to work in ways that will support and help you process your story and bring a deeper understanding and self-awareness of how you can manage life’s difficulties. Maybe you find talking about what is happening in your life really hard, you may not know how to explain how you feel or even know where to start. We may therefore explore using creative interventions to help aid this work, such as emotion cards, visual images, sand trays, drawings, writing etc. These can help you reflect and deepen your understanding of yourself when words are difficult to find.

Therapy Offered
Therapy Offered
Therapy Offered

Understanding your story, to start your healing

Through therapy, we can explore, reflect and look to increase self-awareness around the impact that trauma can have on our lives, bringing an understanding of how our lived experience and story so far, can shape and impact us in the here and now. I will bring a trauma informed phased approach to our work, which promotes safety and stabilisation, to help increase your overall wellbeing and provide coping strategies for day to day life, which can then provide the safety needed for the deeper work.

An individual approach helps us understand our own stories in greater depth, as our life journeys are all unique.

Session Information

We will have an initial call so that you can see whether I am the right therapist for you and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to continue, in our first session we will work together to see how therapy can help you and reflect on what your aims are for this work. We will review these regularly throughout our work together. Therapy sessions are for 50mins and are typically weekly.

To see if I am the right therapist for you, please get in touch for a free initial phone call